Feature Phone Tips & Tricks

Volume quick keys

Use the up/down arrows on the left side of the phone to control your Ringer volume. While on a call, these arrows will control your Call volume.

Transfer Media between Phone and PC

An SD card must be inserted in the phone in order to transfer media between the phone and your PC (not all phones support SD cards).

  1. With your SD card inserted, connect the phone to your PC with a USB cable (the USB cable typically detaches from your charger).
  2. Locate the removable drive (this is under “My Computer” on most PCs).
  3. Drag the files from your PC to the SD card folder (or vice versa).
Picture Messaging

You must first send a picture from your new phone before you can receive them. If you have not sent out a picture, or have data blocked, you can view the pictures you receive on the web at: http://mms.cellcom.com/cellcom/mms-view.php