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LG Ignite AS855

Last Retail Price $369.95
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  • 4" NOVA Display
    The incredibly bright, clear 4" NOVA display uses NOVA technology to reduce power consumption. Auto-brightness adjusts the display, optimizing visibility in any light while maximizing battery life.

    Slim, Stylish Form
    Sleek and modern, the LG Ignite is thin enough to take anywhere, yet powerful enough to handle any task.

    5 MP Rear-Facing and 2 MP Front-Facing Cameras
    Capture any special moment in lifelike clarity with the 5 MP rear-facing camera with flash. Make video chat easy using the 2 MP front-facing camera.

    Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
    Use the device's portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share data with up to 8 other wireless devices.
    • Size
      4.8" (H) x 2.52" (W) x 0.36" (D)
    • Weight
      3.95 oz.
    • Usage Time
      Up to 5 hours
    • Standby
      Up to 8 days
    • Network
      3G (EVDO/1xRTT), CDMA 800/1900 Mhz
    • HAC
    • Display
      4" (Resolution 480 x 800 px)
    • Battery
      1500 mAh
    • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Capable
    • WPS Compatible
    • Camera
      5 MP rear-facing with flash, 2 MP front-facing
    • Bluetooth
      v3.0 +EDR
    • Operating System
      Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
    • Processing Speed
      1 GHz
    • Memory
      2 GB
    • Storage
      Micro SD
    • SD Card
      Up to 32 GB card
    • Wi-Fi
  • Android

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    not the best
    written by Todd Meisner on
    December 27th, 2012

    This is a very nice phone when it works. Im a firefighter/medic so I use my phone a lot for work. It randomly deletes your text messages, the battery only lasts 2hrs when using it so when im not out on rescue calls its plugged in charging. The worst is when it freezes or randomly shuts down, when im in the middle of calling a hospital to talk to the doctor thats not a good thing, however it does reboot right away. This is a very nice phone when it works, camera is great, it works fast and gps is great. Just has to many flaws so when I can im upgrading. Not reliable enough for the job im in.

    wouldn't recommend
    written by Sam on
    August 12th, 2012

    I really like the phone, but I have so many problems with it. It deletes your text messages randomly, all of them- including the locked ones. I went in and asked about the problem about 3 times and after they sent it in, I still had the problem and they told me to just install a texting app. I shouldn't have to have an app on my phone in order to keep my text messages. The screen freezes up every once in a while and it'll randomly shut off - at least it turns itself back on right away but it's very annoying. It drops calls sometimes and the volume doesn't go loud enough. Besides the problems with it, it's a nice light and small phone and contrary to what others say, my battery lasts all day long.

    written by Nicole on
    June 9th, 2012

    I have to take my battery out a couple times a day because it freezes up. The battery barely lasts a day and I would call myself a moderate user.

    Better options out there
    written by Tim on
    May 16th, 2012

    I have had Smart Phones in the past. This one eats up the battery very quickly. The reason to have a Smart Phone is to use it. If you do use it like a Smart Phone the battery wont even last two hours. I charge mine five times a day and use all the battery saving tricks. Maybe it just comes with a cheap battery. I may try to buy a replacement battery to see if that helps. My phone also locks up about once a week requiring me to pull out the battery.

    this should save your battery
    written by bryan m on
    March 19th, 2012

    Have had a few smartphones now and the battery life on most of them wasn't very great...I was a blackberry Guy this is my first Droid had this phone for 3 months now no big issues with it except the listening speaker, it's garbage u can hardly hear a for the battery use your back button not your home button so ur programs close and aren't just hidden, also in ur pulldown menu keep ur wifi and ur satellite turned off unless u need them on for something that's been helping mine since my 2nd week with it...and if u have a battery saver app of any kind delete it BC its constantly running and takes up a lot of battery, fb did the same thing so maybe try that also... does anyone know if they make a "body glove" for this phone I can't find a case that feels good in my pocket yet doesn't feel chincy and the glove is a great case just can't find for this phone

    written by Rick on
    February 28th, 2012

    I had this phone for about month before I had to trade it back in. It was an AWESOME phone, when it worked. I was told there was a software update coming out for it, but the Cellcom rep did not have an exact date from LG, and I needed a phone that worked for my job. It was freezing, and I was unable to answer it at times. It would also turn itself on and off. I am not sure if the software update is out yet or not, but if it is, get this phone. It was awesome when it worked. VERY clear screen, good reception, super fast and it could do everything but wash my truck (when it worked).

    Hard to review
    written by Dustin on
    January 27th, 2012

    Well, I had this phone for MAYBE a week until I dropped it one time and smashed the screen on it. Other then how fragile it is it's a great phone and recommend it to anyone.

    taking it back
    written by Scott B on
    January 26th, 2012

    I like the look and feel of the phone but it does not sync with Outlook (some phones do this model does not). Also, I get about 100 emails a day and there isn't a "select all" button so to delete you have check each email and press delete for each one. Dumb.

    Traded for another phone
    written by Jeri on
    January 25th, 2012

    I owned the phone one day before trading it in for a different phone. I really loved the design of the phone but I realized I did not want to deal two years of the poor reception and extremely short battery life.

    Great, most of the time
    written by Sarah on
    January 17th, 2012

    I am currently on my second Ignite in less than 2 week. My first phone started acting weird on the second day. The backlight would shut off, but I was still able to see my screen if I tilted it just right. So I exchanged the phone since I was still within my 30 day limit. My second LG Ignite is now acting the exact same way, but now a week later. Other than this inconvenience, it is a great phone.

    Best Phone I Ever Owned.
    written by Erin on
    December 28th, 2011

    I truly enjoy this phone. The battery life can be low, but all smart phones have this problem, not just this one. In my opinion, this phone is one of the best smart phones at Cellcom. The LG Ignite is fast and is capable of doing so much. If you are considering purchasing a new phone, I STRONGLY think that this would be the phone for you. I have never has an issue to this day with this specific phone, but i have with other smart phones. The Lg Ignite is the way to go! With a front and back camera that lets you video chat, this phone is a 5 star! Again, i recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a new smart phone!!!

    I wrote this review on the LG ignite.
    written by Lauren on
    December 23rd, 2011

    I would say this phone is awesome except the battery. You have to charge it at least twice a day.. I am used to it with my old phone and my iPod touch. This is my 1st smartphone and it works very well. The keyboard is nice, the ringtones and the sound, the screen, and the two cameras even though one is 2mg.. I really love this phone and I would reccomend it to anyone who likes touchscreens..

    Love the phone, but not the battery...
    written by Matt on
    December 12th, 2011

    I love the phone desgin (light and thin, but with a big screen) and all of its abilities, but the battery drains fast. Although I realize that it needs to be charged daily because it is a smart phone, the battery went too fast. I left home at 7am, and by the time I was at home by 5pm, the phone was dead. I am unsure if this is just the battery or if it this phone. All of the settings (such as wi-fi, GPS, backlight, etc.) were set at the minimal settings too. Moral of the story is be ready to charge twice a day.

    Just So So
    written by Erika on
    December 3rd, 2011

    This is my first Smartphone and I have an LG Ignite. It seems to work ok, but it is really quiet. When I am in a call I cannot hear the other person very well at all.(and yes the volume is up all the way) Even if I put them on speaker phone I still cannot hear very well. Sometimes when I am playing a game it will freeze but not too often. Battery drains fast. I have to charge every day and sometimes 2 times a day if I am using a lot of data. The phone is really light. It is easy to find things and navigate.

    just ok?!?!
    written by eric machia on
    November 29th, 2011

    My wife and I both purchased. The lg ignite on black friday, we were exited but got let down fast, the phone looks awesome, its very light but its so light you feel like you can break it easily, the screen is very bigsmooth and very smooth with a good resolution, the 1gh processer is good, but still average, I liked the front and back camera but the front camera is only a 2mp so it makes video chat look bad and choppy. The phone froze on me a couple times and It turned on and off buy itself. The battery life is by far the phones biggest flaw, it says it lasts for five hours but if you use your phone alot its more like two. Over all I gave it three stars because its just an average smartphone nothing impressive about it.

  • Included Accessories
    • USB Cable
    • Travel Charger
    • Memory Card (8GB)

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