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Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage & Network

  • Your home area is the towers located within the geographical area that includes your rate plan's minutes.

  • When you are outside of the home area, you are roaming. This means you are using another wireless carrier's tower and network. The map that was included in your rate plan brochure indicates your service area. Depending upon the plan you chose, this might cover a portion of a state, several states, or the US. When you are outside of your rate plan area, you will see the charge as roaming fees.

  • Depending upon the rate plan you picked when you signed up for service will determine what you are charged when you are not on the Cellcom network.

  • Contact Cellcom at 1-800-236-0055 to learn about our international roaming options and to find out if your handset will work internationally. If you do have an iPhone 4S or newer or certain Samsung smartphones, Cellcom has an international roaming solution for you.

  • Your rate plan is correct; your roam indicator simply means that you are no longer on a Cellcom tower. Cellcom does not have its own towers throughout whole state of Wisconsin. Cellcom has roaming agreements in place with other carriers to use their towers in order to provide statewide and nationwide coverage for our customers.

  • Some of your features will work differently depending on whether you are in your home area or not. Your voicemail may need to be accessed in a different way when you are not in range of a Cellcom tower. Try dialing your own number and interrupting your message by pressing the star (*) key, then follow the directions to hear your messages.

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