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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyback Program

  • Cellcom's BuyBack Program rewards Cellcom customers who turn in/recycle their old devices. Qualifying customers will receive an account credit for participating. The value is determined by the type and condition of the device. All devices, regardless of the manufacturer or carrier, are accepted.

  • To turn in a device customers should go to a Cellcom retail or agent location. The customer will need to provide the make, model and condition of the device (the Cellcom sales rep will also inspect the device) and will receive a quote. The customer accepts the quote by signing the Buyback agreement. If the information provided is inaccurate or the device is submitted without all components, such as the battery, the quote may be adjusted. The customer is responsible for removing Find my iPhone and Android lock as well as all personal and other data, including all pass codes/locks, SIM cards, memory cards and other removable store media from the device prior to trading it in. An account credit is applied to the customer's account after Cellcom receives and confirms the condition of the device matches the condition stated in the quote submission. The credit will typically be applied within six to eight weeks after Cellcom's Buyback vendor receives the device.

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