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Fleet Tracking

Cellcom Fleet Tracking is intended for businesses of all sizes that need to know where their vehicles are, where they have been, how fast they are going and if the vehicle has excessive fuel-wasting engine idle time.

The Cellcom Fleet Tracking Service is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that helps businesses track the location of light duty vehicles as well as heavy duty equipment. The service allows you to equip vehicles with a device that reports position on a periodic basis through Cellcom’s wireless network. These devices also have the ability to detect changes in motion and, in conjunction with the Cellcom Fleet platform, quickly alert you to any unexpected events or exception conditions.


Cellcom Fleet Tracking enables businesses to run more efficiently. Some of the key features are:

  • Leverages easy-to-use Google™ Maps-based interface
  • Plug-and-play hardware for easy installation
  • Ability to create zones (geofences) and be alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves pre-defined areas
  • Alerts can be received via email, mobile phone, or both
  • 25+ on-demand reports available, many of which can be scheduled for automatic distribution
  • Ability to easily collect raw tracking information for subsequent processing or custom reporting
  • Easily import existing jobs site information


PackagePlan RequirementMonthly Charge
Fleet for Vehicles Share Plan Business $20/mo.*

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*Fee is per vehicle, per month. Includes $5 Connected Device Monthly line access fee. Device must subscribe to a Business Share Plus Plan with a shared data package. See Business Share Plus Plan for details. Service requires purchase of OBDII modem pictured above. Tracking, Zones, Idle Time, Fault Codes and Engine Parameter data requires OBDII port connection. If a J1939-to-OBDII adapter is used, information will be limited to tracking and zones.

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