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Axesstel MV440

Integrated Wi-Fi router allows access to broadband data from anywhere in your home, with four port ethernet switches.


Integrated Wi-Fi router allows access to broadband data from anywhere at home. Four port ethernet switches provide a plug-and-play solution for networking multiple desktops and laptops. High-speed experience with speeds averaging 400-700Kbps.  Featuring receiver diversity antennas providing maximum coverage range and data throughput.

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  • 3G

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  • Internet Connectivity
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written by Lisa on
June 4th, 2014

Like other reviews. was first good when came out. Had to by a new one because old one gave out. Only had it 1 week and had problems already. would shut down and had to turn off to restart. This is total B.S. Never had to do that with my other one. Well I have one month to see if it does it again if it does it's going back for a return. Should not have to restart all the time. Piece of crap.

Works well
written by Jim on
April 7th, 2014

The device and service work very well. Nearly the speed of local central Wisconsin 4G at half the price. The 20 gig limit and 3G speed may not be enough for NetFlix, but for most all other uses, it’ll work. After two weeks of usage, no reboots needed. The MV440 is an outdated model – not having 802.11n or a gigabit Ethernet, but that is easily remedied with another router (Netgear, Dlink, etc.). If you want to configure the router itself, you will need to contact Cellcom and they will reset the access password. For most users that is not needed, but I turned off the 802.11b/g wireless radio.

written by Joe Jaworski on
March 2nd, 2014

This is the worst internet ever. The service is horrible. It takes up to 10 minutes load a 4 minute video. The speed of this internet is slower than dial up. I average about 35-40 kps. I have had this internet for about 4 years now. It is such a pain because when you are using this internet, it crashes and you have reset the box constantly. This is the worst internet that I have ever used. Remember the really old flip phones back in the day that you could use the internet on? remember how slow it was? This broadband internet that is supposed to be extremely fast(told by a cellcom rep), is definitely comparable or worse to the internet of flip phones. I advise anyone that is looking into this product to stay away from it. IT IS HORRIBLE!!!

Horrible service
written by Dennis Gutowski on
February 13th, 2014

The rating service should go to -5.

This service is horrible. This is not fast internet, in fact on many occasions I have gotten slower than dial up speeds on it.

I've owned this box for 4 years. If you can get internet from anyone else, do it. Someday they might get their act together.

written by Steve Nickles on
January 7th, 2014

This used to be a good service but it looks like they took on too many customers and now it sucks. I am averaging 53kbs. that's dialup speed. I spoke to the service rep and it sounds like the are working on cellular first and internet later. I sure wish I had another option. Not happy at all.

Shuts down
written by Keith bredael on
July 1st, 2013

Wish their was a zero. System is slow, and just shuts down. You have to go reset the system and hope it goes back up. Last year cell com said they were getting 4g the first part of the year, but still waiting and paying for a system that doesn't stay working. Bad reflection on the company. Considering changing to a completely different company that can provide a better product and service.

need more speed
written by randy on
April 21st, 2013

much faster than dialup, problem we are experiencing is we cannot have more than 1 internet device on without having a major slowdown in performance. Was told they are going to get something better to increase speed 8 months ago still waiting.

Piece of junk
written by Mark on
April 15th, 2013

If I could give 0 stars I would. This is the WORST device I have ever owned. Speeds aren't anywhere near advertised and the piece if junk constantly disconnects. I am so disgusted with it and I wish I could get cable or dsl where I live.

written by Tim on
March 30th, 2013

Forget trying to watch a streaming movie or video clip. Takes 20 Min to watch a 5 min Video clip.

all good things come to an end
written by Kim on
November 21st, 2012

As soon as the service dropped to 20 GB did it slow down. Cellcom even sent out a used axesstel box to try and fix the problem. One mile from tower, line of sight and the service drops off every 60 secs. or so. Sometimes it runs for 20 minutes and than it starts dropping after 30 seconds and stays disconnected for 2/3 minutes if not more. Tech tells me to purchase new box and sign up for 2 year service ! Not very interested in two more years of getting crowded out of my service. IT WAS GREAT WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT ! Wow, did it make life and business easier. Now I'm afraid to bid on auctions.

written by Roger on
August 21st, 2012

Since they dropped the service from 50GB to 20GB, the speed has gotten worse.

It would take me 35 days to download 20GB worth of data.

Service should only cost $19.99 for 20GB or they should let you share data with your smartphone too.

My blackberry is just as slow as my MV400 connection and I pay $70.00 plus for 25GB of data that I can't use.

Terrible business model and basically ripping their customers off.

written by Stephanie on
June 27th, 2012

Sucks! Just received a letter saying that we are changing your service from 50gigs to 20. There will be a $10 fee for every gig you go over...oh and the price is gonna stay the same....the service wasn't bad but the business end of it...look somewhere else...

written by randy on
May 9th, 2012

very poor. always getting cut off. would not buy

ok option
written by cindy on
April 14th, 2012

This worked great when we first got it, but now not so much. It is way better than dial up. When it is connected, with no problems it is great, but it loses signal alot. Sometimes it is very frustrating, but where we live, we don't have many options at this price. So I guess we will live with it until something better comes along. Still a good option other than dial up.

not good
written by Ron on
February 27th, 2012

it seemed to be good years ago, but
for the last year it has been lousy.
Slow and loses connection alot.
can't wait to get some other internet provider
May not be the unit, I think the provider over loaded the system with too many people.

written by Dan Bruegge on
February 14th, 2012

People on here talk about downloading at 300-500 kbps where i download at 15-30 kbps I have had this for 3 yrs it was ok inthe be3ginning but now I am not impressed. I have a neighbor with a Ham radio tower and trying to get him to talk to cellcom for a repeater on it I think that would help. need something

additional info
written by Dale Zatloukal on
December 22nd, 2011

I got a little excited when I put the extender box on. Turns out it was not the fix. What fixed it was just having one computer connected at a time. When I switched it to the extender, I disconnected my other machine, and it then worked perfectly but the problems came back when I tried to keep both machines connected.

connection problems solved!
written by Dale Zatloukal on
November 1st, 2011

I love this box when it works. I was having a horrible time getting it to connect reliably. I put an internet extender box on it and that boosts the signal enough to make my machines get a connection and stay connected both wireless and wired.

Good if you're away from the city...
written by Ed on
October 13th, 2011

If you live in an urban area as I do (e.g. Green Bay metro), this is not the service for you, especially if you have an alternative. However, if you’re ‘out in the country’ and dial-up is your only other choice, this is the way to go. If you’re far away from the nearest tower and getting poor reception, there are ways to improve it. Google ‘maximum signal’ for more information.

To Slow
written by Brandon Rea on
October 13th, 2011

I Have also had this internet for about 2 years and it only seems to start working at about 11 pm, very very slow even with a green connection light. randomly quits working. no xbox live, netflix, youtube, pandora or anything else. can download IOS5 because it stops working every half hour. When downloading IOS5 it said 26 hours remaining, thats about dial-up speed and at least dial-up always works!

Not much better than dial-up
written by Chad on
September 10th, 2011

I have had Cellcom's broadband internet for over two years now. At first it worked well, but now it is so slow I am thinking about switching back to dial-up. Some days it does not work at all, even though I have a good signal. I have downloaded some music using Itunes but it takes a long time. I can't watch Youtube videos or play Xbox online. It is just way to slow. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Nice option if you have limited options...
written by Mike Hunt on
March 9th, 2011

This works reliably, however if another option such as Cable or DSL was available I would go with those first, in that order. This beats dialup, any satellite provider, or any local wireless company (airrunner) without question. Service is limited out by us, and between our options this one is the best. I would go with this again, and would recommend this with the $99 router to anyone with limited options.

so so
written by Dave on
March 8th, 2011

all in all works well for sending and receiving e-mails - above and beyond that, not recommended. I have had this for about 2 yrs now.. will be ridding this thing after the contract is up. bottom line, if your doing more than e-mails, definitely go with DSL or Cable .... bottom line . terrible . tried several different routers, and same result.

system slowing down....
written by pat on
February 14th, 2011

worked great the first year we had service but the last two months it has become unusable during the day. After 10PM it speeds up and works fine but daytime hours are slowing down. Perhaps Droid is taking up all the bandwidth???

Great Option for country livers
written by Tia Augustine on
January 10th, 2011

We have had Cellcom's residential broadband for almost 2 years now. It has it's days where it's slower than others, but it sure beats dial-up or satellite. The price is great, road runner or at&t is better because it's a hard wired connection, but with what it has to offer I find it to do it's job. Netflix is hard to use, along with some games through the PS3, but the Wii is fine and I watch shows on Hulu just fine. I definitely recommend this to those who can not get Road Runner or AT&T or any other DSL/Cable internet service.

wifi directional option
written by todd on
September 17th, 2010

I just built a directional wifi biquad antenna out of an old sattilite dish and hooked it up to axcesstell and that fixed all my problems. I used to get a max download speed of 200kbs on a good day now im hittin at 750 kbs and my upload was 30Kbs and now im 350kbs. It took some time to build and to find the right Tnc to coaxil connecters to fit it on. and the right ohm coaxil to use but im now satisfied.

written by Beth on
July 9th, 2010

We recently purchased a home in the middle of no where and couldn't find anyone to provide us with internet. We already had an account at Cellcom so we figured we would try the internet. Being out in the country our signal was usually orange and decently fast. We did purchase the booster antenna and now we ALWAYS have a green signal and my downloads are faster than ever before. Plus we get the $10.00 discount per month for being a customer. $39.99 for internet this fast is a pretty good deal.

Worked for first 30 days
written by Corie on
May 19th, 2010

I get a signal fine but speeds are slow. Don't expect to watch video clips or webinars with this service. Its basically expensive, just above dial up. If you're used to Road Runner or DSL, you will be disappointed.

I'll take it...
written by Greg on
April 3rd, 2010

It was AWESOME a year ago, but now that everyone else in rural WI has jumped on the bandwagon, my speeds have dropped from 1.2MB/s to 500kb/s.

I go make a sandwich while the YouTube videos load, so not a biggie...

Works Great
written by Ben on
February 7th, 2010

Living out in the country were broadband isn't an option and I don't want a telephone line. (I use my cell phone for everything). This is a great alternative and works great. Have my Wii hooked up and all my other gadgets. Had it for about 5months and I cannot say anything bad about it.

Best Ever
written by ME :-) on
January 18th, 2010

It is way better than the dial up we had. Downloads are very fast. Sometime it randomly does not work.

Beats dial-up hands down
written by Danny on
January 9th, 2010

It took 10 years to get some sort of high speed internet. This is pretty good and the price isn't bad at all. Works well and the wireless has a good range. I can go outside and 100 feet from the house and still get a signal. On the down side, there are times when it is slow (under 200kbps), late afternoon and evening when everyone is using this particular tower. But overall, very satisfied.


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