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Important Information

Using this tool to send unsolicited and/or fraudulent messages is prohibited and may lead to federal prosecution. The IP address of the device used to send a message using this tool is logged within Cellcom's network. In order to receive a text message, the receiver must be a Cellcom subscriber with a text messaging capable phone and subscription to an eligible calling plan and feature. Ability to receive messages in any geographic area is not an indication that the receiver can send messages. There is no guarantee of actual delivery or delivery within a specific period of time. If the receiver's phone is turned off, the receiver's phone memory is full, or the receivers is outside the service area, the network will store and re-send any messages for up to 72 hours. Messages not delivered after 72 hours will be deleted. Maximum message length is up to 160 characters, which includes the header, name, call back number and e-mail address. Any characters over the maximum will be split into multiple messages. Messages will delete after 640 characters, which exceeds message capacity. Cellcom cannot guarantee that you will not receive unsolicited messages. Without Cellcom's permission or your knowledge, your telephone number and/or message may be intercepted by third parties. Terms and conditions of Cellcom service agreement apply.

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