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Motorola MilestoneTM Optional Upgrade

November 4, 2010

An optional maintenance release/update is available for the Motorola Milestone. Please remember, as with all updates, this update is optional and is NOT REQUIRED in order for the device to function.

According to Motorola, this update provides the following:

  • Improved Video Playback performance
  • Improved Google Maps performance
  • Removes the Native Weather Widget from the device

Customers can retrieve this update two different ways.

If you are a customer that actively searches for system software updates, it will begin to show as an available update.

For all other customers, Motorola has a setting in the device that seeks updates every 30 days after activation. When your device detects the available update at your next 30 day interval you will receive an alert that looks like the following:

Motorola Milestone Update Image

When receiving this message you will be able to select whether you want to update your device now, update your device later, or cancel the update. Again, please remember, this update is optional and is NOT REQUIRED in order for the device to function.

PLEASE BE AWARE: If you choose to perform the update it will result in removing the weather widget from your device. If you want a weather widget on your device and still want to perform the update, we would suggest you explore downloading one of the following:

The Weather Channel
Very popular app. Three size widget options provide you with the ability to select what alerts you want.
Price: Free

Very popular and highly rated app. Two size widget options and multiple color choices allow users to format it to fit their style. Clicking on widget opens full app which is comprehensive and easy to navigate.
Price: Free version, $1.99 version

Beautiful Widgets
Mimics the HTC Sense Weather Widget from the Hero. Very slick.
Price: $2.10


If you have any questions regarding this update, please feel free to contact us.

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