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Coverage Map

LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Coverage depicted, as of 06/1/2016, is for Cellcom data and messaging services and the following calling plans: USAmerica, Share & Advance Pay. Calls originating in your calling plan's home area and terminating outside the home area are subject to long distance charges. Calls originating outside your calling plan's home area are subject to roaming and long distance changes. Please see a sales representative for details. The coverage areas depicted are approximate and require the latest software/PRL. To inquire about specific service availability in a geographical area, contact Cellcom Customer Care at (800) 236-0055. Geographic terrain, weather conditions, and type of equipment may affect cellular coverage. Wireless service is subject to technological limitations including capacity and tower availability. Some of the coverage areas include networks run by other carriers, and the depiction of coverage is based on such other carriers' information. As such, Cellcom cannot guarantee the accuracy of the coverage depiction in all areas.

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