International Travel

International Travel

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Cellcom offers options for traveling outside of the United States.

  1. Traveling to Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is included in many rate plans. Contact Customer Care at 611 to confirm you are on our latest plan with the latest SIM to receive these benefits.
  2. Purchase an affordable international package from Cellcom's partner, Sim Local. With this option, you won’t see any charges on your bill regarding international travel. An eSIM capable device is required and you will be assigned a new international phone number to use while traveling if you select a voice or text package.

Select your region of travel.

Once you've purchased your international package, follow the activation guide for easy setup:

International Travel FAQs

Selecting a Sim Local Plan

How do I determine which plan is best for me?

Selecting a plan depends on how you would like to use your phone while traveling. With voice and text plans, Sim Local will assign a new international phone number. However, many travelers find they do not have a need for a number, with the use of apps like WhatsApp, Facetime Audio, and Apple iMessage for their communication needs. These apps are all use data services only and no voice or text plan would be required

What charges can I expect?

Your domestic rate plan does not apply. You will toggle to your pre-purchased, prepaid Sim Local international eSIM. As long as you are using your Sim Local eSIM while traveling internationally, you will not see any charges on your Cellcom bill for international travel.

You’ll purchase your package in advance of travel directly from Sim Local, so there are no additional charges on your Cellcom Bill.

Using Sim Local

How do I download the eSIM?

Once you’ve purchased a plan, you will be given the option to activate your plan now or later. The allotted date range of the plan begins upon activation. When activating, you may be prompted to enter a PIN. If prompted, enter “0000.” Once you’ve activated your plan, you can then download the eSIM for your device.

It is recommended to use the QR code when activating your eSIM.

Android Instructions:

  1. Take a screen shot of the QR code you’re given.
  2. Under settings, go to “Cellular Service” and select “Add eSIM.”
  3. Click “Use QR Code” and “Open Photos” and select the photo of the QR code.
  4. Continue to follow the steps prompted on the screen to complete the activation.

iPhone Instructions:

  1. Take a screen shot of the QR code you’re given.
  2. Under settings, go to “Cellular Service” and select “Add eSIM.”
  3. Click “Use QR Code” and “Open Photos” and select the photo of the QR code.
  4. If you are using an Orange plan, you will be prompted to “unlock” your eSIM by entering “0000” as the PIN.
  5. Once activation is complete, you will want to select the “Business” eSIM and rename it to Sim Local.
  6. Select the “Sim Local” eSIM as the default SIM, iMessage & Facetime SIM, and Cellular Data SIM.
  7. Return to the “Cellular Service” screen and select “Sim Local” as the eSIM.
  8. Turn on “Cellular Data” to complete the activation.

How can I check if my device works for international travel?

For general device information, please visit the device page on Within the specifications tab, check the SIM card's capability. Devices that are capable have the option of using a Cellcom international SIM or a prepaid international package from Sim Local.

If your device is not eSIM capable, a prepaid international package may still be an option with Sim Local. Cellcom will provide you with a complimentary loaner phone to use while traveling.

What if I need help while traveling internationally?

If you have any issues with your phone while traveling internationally, can you contact Cellcom Customer Care at (+1)800-236-0055 or email Cellcom at

Will Wi-Fi work while traveling?

Most smartphone models are capable of Wi-Fi and should work on Wi-Fi networks even when traveling internationally. If your device is capable of using Wi-Fi, it should work on a Wi-Fi signal even if data is disabled.

What is the difference between international travel and international long distance?

If you are staying in the United States and seek to call someone in another country, you will want to use International Long Distance, instead of an international travel option.

What is International Long Distance?

International Long Distance allows you to dial an international exchange from the United States. In order to have international long distance capability on your phone, you need to contact Cellcom Customer Care at 611 to have a feature added to your account.

When you place an international long distance call, you will be charged an international long distance rate. Additionally, you will use minutes from your voice package if you are not on an unlimited plan. If you have used all included minutes from your plan, you will be charged the additional airtime rate.

To make an international call, simply:

  • Dial the international access code +, 001 or 011
  • Dial the appropriate country code for the country you are calling
  • Dial the number you are calling
  • Press Send