Eau Claire Drive-Out

Wireless Carrier Cellcom Completes Thousands of Miles of Drive Testing in Eau Claire, Chippewa and Dunn Counties

Drone footage of the Chippewa River on a clear day.

Cellcom, a Wisconsin-based wireless carrier, recently opened a new store in Eau Claire at the Oakwood Mall. Preparations for the opening have been years in the making. The company first turned up its wireless network in the Eau Claire area in 2021. The network primarily served its customers based further east in the state as they traveled to the region. Last year the company further invested in Chippewa Valley, adding more cell sites throughout the area and then its team hit the road to test the user experience.

“Our network operation center team drove more than 1000 miles throughout Eau Claire, Chippewa and Dunn counties collecting network data. This essentially tests the strength of our wireless network. Once the data was collected our engineering groups reviewed and optimized the network to best serve the area,” said Rick Brooks, CTO of Cellcom. “After optimization efforts were completed, we drove the route again and saw impressive results.”

The time-intensive process will yield a very positive experience for wireless customers.

“With a Wisconsin-based team, we can give the network the time and attention to perform its best and ensure our customers have a strong user experience. Optimization often relies on customer usage patterns, which can take long periods to collect enough data to make appropriate adjustments. Our drive testing effort accelerated enhancements in Chippewa Valley to bring customers an exciting new option for wireless service,” said Brooks.

Cellcom operates its own network throughout the northern portion of Wisconsin and partners with other carriers to provide nationwide coverage for its customers. The company’s engineering and operations teams are all based in Wisconsin. In addition to its store in Eau Claire, the company has a regional business representative to assist businesses in person with their wireless needs and also offers online shopping.

“Wireless technology is about making life simpler and easier. We pair innovation with heart and are proud to offer Chippewa Valley an exciting new option for wireless service,” said Brighid Riordan, CEO of Cellcom.