Smartwatch Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of a smartwatch on Cellcom's network or while roaming on another carrier’s network. These Terms are in addition to the Terms and Conditions for Wireless Service ("Wireless Terms"). If there is a conflict between these smartwatch Terms and the Wireless Terms, the Wireless Terms shall govern. References to "you" and "your" refer to a customer of Cellcom who has a smartwatch activated on a Cellcom account. Cellcom may update these smartwatch Terms without notice. Any updates become effective when posted. Your continued use of your smartwatch constitutes acceptance of those updates.

  1. Your smartwatch uses Cellcom’s Advanced Calling network only. Your smartwatch will not work on 3G or 1X networks. When roaming, your smartwatch will only work on another carrier’s LTE network.
  2. You must pair a smartwatch with a smartphone on the same account that has activated Advanced Calling on Cellcom’s network.
  3. To receive text messages on your smartwatch, your paired smartwatch must be powered on.
  4. If your service to the paired smartphone is suspended, service to the smartwatch is also suspended.
  5. If you deactivate the paired smartphone, your smartwatch will also be deactivated at the same time.
  6. If your smartwatch is disconnected before it is paid in full, termination fees and charges may be incurred, including, but not limited to, early termination fees and accelerated monthly device payments for the device, unless you have additional services on the account.
  7. You are only allowed to activate the smartwatch on select service plans.
  8. Your smartwatch will have its own telephone number and will appear on your invoice.
  9. Your smartwatch is paired to your smartphone for the purpose of calling and messaging. This means you can make and receive calls, or messages, on your smartwatch using the telephone number assigned to your smartphone. Family Setup for Apple is not supported at this time.
  10. All calls and messages to and from the telephone number assigned to your smartwatch are blocked. However, you can use your smartwatch to call or message 911 whenever you have a cellular connection. 911 calls or messages should only be made for true emergencies. When calling or messaging 911, you should always provide the 911 call taker your location, if possible, as the 911 center may not always be able to calculate the caller’s location.
  11. When your smartwatch is within Bluetooth range of your smartphone, all calls, messages, and data usage and charges are billed to the smartphoneline of service. When your smartwatch is not within Bluetooth range of your smartphone, all calls, messages, and data usage and charges are billed to the smartwatch line of service.
  12. Please do not endanger yourself or anyone else by using your paired smartwatch while driving or engaging in other activities that require your full attention.
  13. If a call or message is received from a number that is blocked on the paired smartphone it will also be blocked on the smartwatch.
  14. The smartwatch does not have its own voice mail box. However, the smartwatch can call the paired smartphone telephone number and listen to voice mail messages.
  15. By purchasing a smartwatch at Cellcom, you are agreeing to monthly charges affiliated with cellular service. Charges begin on the day of purchase.