Cellcom Launches New Home Internet Option in Lakewood and Townsend 

Osprey flying in front of a Cellcom cell tower with woods in the background.

Cellcom Launches New Home Internet Option in Lakewood and Townsend 

Local wireless provider Cellcom is bringing a new high-speed internet option to residents and businesses in Lakewood and Townsend.   

“Cellcom is dedicated to connecting cities and towns of all sizes. Lakewood and Townsend are known for their access to nature, outdoor recreation, and peaceful living environment. While you can still choose to unplug in this sought-after setting, connectivity is there to stay connected and check in on who or what is important to you,” said Brighid Riordan, CEO of Cellcom. “Our new internet option means connecting with loved ones, access to remote work, healthcare or school, and more entertainment, which can translate to a better quality of life for residents and visitors and increased tourism for the communities.”  

The high-speed internet option is powered by new technology on existing cell towers. Work is complete on three towers, with a fourth being completed near Mosquito Lake in the fall. Osprey built a nest on top of the tower that will serve this area and Cellcom is delaying work until the birds migrate for the year, which typically occurs in late August. Additional addresses will be served when the work is complete.   

“Osprey frequently nest on manmade structures like cell towers. The birds typically arrive in the spring and depart in late August or early September. We will work to bring our home internet to the Mosquito Lake area as soon as possible after they migrate for the year,” said Riordan.   

Cellcom also partnered with Oconto County Economic Development on a project to deliver fiber to a portion of Lakewood in 2023, serving more than 250 homes and businesses in the town. Sign up available for both internet options. Customers can learn more at cellcom.com/highspeed, by calling the company’s customer care team at 800-826-5215 or visit Lakewood Cellular (15289 WI-32, Lakewood).