Unlimited Home Phone

Cellcom's Home Phone service offers peace of mind

Home Phone Service from Cellcom replaces your current landline service. Keep your same home or business phone number or we can set you up with a new one. Works with up to three phones.


Includes Nationwide Long Distance and Unlimited Minutes.

Compatible with Franklin Wireless T720G only.

Additional Features

International Long Distance

Make international calls from the United States on a Cellcom wireless phone to many international destinations.

Discount Calling Package - $3.95/mo.
Unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico and a discount per minute long distance rate to other countries.

International long distance calls cannot be placed without adding an international feature on your account. To place an international call, you must dial 011, the country code and the number for the international call.  International long distance rates apply in addition to plan minutes or airtime charges when calling from your home calling plan area. See your calling plan brochure for details.  While roaming, international long distance rates apply in addition to standard long distance and roaming charges. Rates are subject to change without notice. The International Dialing Discount Package has a monthly feature charge in addition to reduced international long distance rates.

View International Rates

Important Information

Service not available in all areas and may not be equivalent to landline phone service. Home Phone Service is solely a wireless voice service. Data services are not available/supported. Home Phone Service is not compatible with home security systems, fax machines, DVR Services, Direct TV, Dish Network, Dial Up Internet, Rotary Phones, credit card machines, collect calls, PBX,or medical alert services (e.g. Life Alert). Home Phone Service is equipped with battery backup and can be used to dial 911 in the event of a power outage, provided the battery is charged and the telephone connected to the device does not rely on an external power source. During a 911 call, the emergency dispatcher may not be able to accurately locate your position.  In order to increase the location accuracy, the external GPS antenna must be connected to the terminal and positioned at a location that can receive satellite signals, such as outside the home or building or near a window without obstructions to the sky.  The GPS signal and location accuracy are dependent on many factors and cannot be guaranteed.  Cellcom shall not be liable for any inability to access emergency service personnel, nor responsible for the acts or omissions of emergency response personnel.  For additional information on how 911 functions, please see the device user manual for details. 

Unlimited Home Phone Service is available with the Franklin Wireless T720G only.  Airtime is billed in 60 second increments. Plan minutes only apply when you are in your calling plan’s designated home area. Calls originating and terminating in the home area are toll free. Calls originating in the home area and terminating outside the home area may be subject to long distance charges. See sales representative for details. Calls originating outside of the home area are subject to roaming and long distance charges. See sales representative for details.

Cellcom reserves the right to deactivate any voice mailbox that has not been initialized within 60 days of activation or any mailbox that has not had any messages for over 60 days. Voice Mail subscribers receive two call forwarding features at no additional charge.

Cellcom reserves the right, without notice, to change rates and coverage areas that do not adversely impact the consumer. In all other situations, a notice will be given. Rate maps indicate where rates apply and may not depict actual service availability or wireless coverage. Coverage areas depicted are approximate. To inquire about specific service availability in a geographical area, contact Cellcom’s Customer Service at (800) 236-0055. Geographic terrain, weather conditions, and type of equipment may affect cellular coverage. Wireless service is subject to technological limitations, including capacity and tower availability.

Prices do not include taxes, fees, or other charges. Taxes on monthly access, airtime, equipment, and long distance may apply. A line set-up fee will be charged on all new line activations. Universal Service Fund (USF) and regulatory and other recovery fees charged on all service lines. An E911 fee or Police & Fire Protection fee charged on all service lines. The amount or range of taxes, fees and surcharges vary and are subject to change without notice. See retail location or www.cellcom.com/fees for details.  Early termination fees may apply and, if applicable, may be reduced proportionately to the remaining months of the term of the agreement.