Smiling man holding a smartphone in front of him.
Smiling man holding a smartphone in front of him.

The Importance of Keeping Your Phone's Software Updated

Software updates are important, but sometimes we are left wondering if they are worth the additional effort to download and install. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of doing software updates and how manufacturers are making it easy and convenient to install them.

Benefit #1: New Features

As society’s needs and habits change and technology evolves, manufacturers find new and innovative ways to add features to our phones. Both iOS and Android come out with new operating systems annually, with both iOS 17 and Android 14 being the latest versions. New features for iOS 17 include more personalization and sharing options, and Android 14 includes enhanced security and accessibility features. We recommend checking out their individual websites for a full list of features on iOS 17 and Android 14. 

Benefit #2: Security

Even if new features aren’t something you are interested in, the added security and privacy benefits should be enough to convince you to stay up to date. Cyber criminals are always finding new exploits and tricks to compromise the security of our phones. Your phone's software has exceptional security measures built into its operating systems that protect from most exploits, but new updates are necessary to make sure even the most sophisticated tricks don’t affect you.

Benefit #3: Performance

Just like cars, there are many components of a phone that can be updated to be faster. New phones with new hardware come out every year, but software updates keep last year’s phone performing well, too. Oftentimes, software updates enable phones to be more power efficient to make sure your phone lasts all day. See our post about extending your phone's battery life for more tips and tricks.

Phone manufacturers want you to be excited about their latest and greatest software, but they also know it’s just another thing to do in your busy day, so they make it easy. When plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi, phones will automatically update overnight, so you don’t need to make any additional effort. You can disable automatic updates in your phone’s settings if you don’t want an update. While it is a good idea to stay up to date with new releases, so you know how to better use your phone, it doesn’t have to come at an inconvenience. After all, phones are supposed to make our lives easier and more fun!