Apps, Tricks, and Tools for Using a Tablet for School

Using a Tablet for School

Apps, Tricks, and Tools

When it comes to today’s education, tablets have become a student's ultimate companion, transforming the way they learn and interact with class material. With the power of technology at their fingertips, students can unleash a world of new possibilities and simplify their supply list. There are some fantastic apps, tricks, and tools that help you set yourself or your child up for academic success.

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One of the most practical aspects of using a tablet for school is the ability to take notes digitally. Say farewell to the endless stacks of notebooks and hello to organized and searchable notes. Apps like Evernote, OneNote, and Notability make it easy for students to write, record lectures, and draw diagrams.

Up their note-taking game by adding an Apple Pen with your iPad or Bluetooth keyboard.

eBook Readers: Lighten Your Backpack Load

There’s no longer a need to carry around heavy textbooks with the convenience of eBook readers! Apps like Kindle, Apple Books, or Google Play Books let students access their required readings on their tablets, saving costs on textbooks and eliminating the need to carry books from place to place. Plus, highlighting text, adding notes, and searching for keywords makes studying more efficient than ever before.

Flashcard Apps: Mastering Memorization

Flashcards are a time-tested study tool, and now they come in digital form too! Apps like Anki, Quizlet, or Brainscape allow students to create and review flashcards right on their tablets. The interactive nature of these apps enhances memory retention and can even make it seem more game-like.

Calendar and Reminder Apps: Staying Organized

Staying on top of assignments, exams, and extracurricular activities is crucial for students and even parents. Calendar apps like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Todoist help students organize their schedules, set reminders, and never miss a deadline.

Collaboration Tools: Teamwork Made Easy

Group projects no longer need to be a pain with collaboration tools like Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, or Dropbox. These apps facilitate seamless sharing and editing of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, encouraging effective teamwork.

PDF Annotation Tools: Interactive Reading

When working with PDFs, annotation tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader or GoodReader allow students to highlight, underline, and add notes directly to PDF documents. This feature is especially handy for research papers and academic articles. Google Drive even has its own integrated PDF reader and editor.

Language Learning Apps: Exploring New Horizons

For language enthusiasts, apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone on tablets provide an interactive and engaging way to learn new languages or keep up on your skills. The gamified approach keeps students motivated while expanding their linguistic skills.

Calculator Apps: Complex Equations, Simplified

Calculators are a staple for many subjects, and tablet apps like Photomath, MyScript Calculator, or Wolfram Alpha can handle everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, making complex problem-solving a breeze.

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​​​​​​​Tips and Tricks for Tablet Users

  • Enable "Do Not Disturb" mode during study sessions to avoid distractions. You can have this set during certain times of the day or have it based on location, so if you enter a certain space “Do Not Disturb” will automatically begin.

  • Use split-screen mode to multitask efficiently with multiple apps open simultaneously. Clicking back and forth can sometimes be frustrating, but most tablets offer a split-screen mode that can allow you to work on things side-by-side.

  • Invest in a stylus to improve precision when writing or drawing on the tablet. If you are doing more than playing games or basic usage, a pen or stylus can drastically improve productivity. Most tablets have a separate pen or stylus available for purchase.

  • Regularly back up important files to avoid data loss. This is something we often forget about until it is too late. Regularly backing up your tablet (and all of your devices for that matter) is important because you never know when you may lose a file.

Overall, tablets have revolutionized the way students can approach their studies, offering a plethora of apps, tricks, and tools to enhance their learning experience. By integrating these resources into their academic routine, students can become more organized, efficient, and engaged learners, paving the way for academic success!