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Shawano Business Services

Shawano Business Services

Business-Class Internet
Business-Class Phone
Business TV
  • We help you connect with customers, promote your products and empower your employees.

    Get all the services you want at a great price! Cellcom offers big company technology to your business, positioning you on the leading edge. We also deliver the attention and work ethic you expect from residents of Northeast and Central Wisconsin.

    Get the fastest internet speeds available. Keep completely connected with cellular service while you're on the move. Enjoy outstanding business phone sound quality, reliability and total control.

    All Cellcom products are backed by our local, caring, personalized customer service.

    Call 715-916-3283 to learn more.

  • Business-Class Internet

    Whether you need to simply check email and complete research on the internet, or are using web-based applications and transmitting large files, one of our products will fit your needs perfectly.

    • Up to 250/20 Mbps
      Only $79.95*/month

      Incredible business value!
      Optimize your business's productivity
      Shawano-based account rep and customer service

      Do what you do, better and faster

      Great for businesses with over 3 users
      Incredible 20 Mbps upload – move files with ease
      Market-leading speeds and price
      Optional Wi-Fi service FREE

      *10 off per month for 12 months. Non-promotional price only $89.95 on month 13. Pricing does not include internet gateway equipment | $5.95/month. See "important information" for complete details.

    • Up to 100/20 Mbps
      Only $39.95*/month

      Basic Internet Service
      Great service for the small business
      Shawano-based account rep and customer service

      Internet BUILT FOR YOU

      Great for businesses with 1-3 users
      Reliable internet to help increase productivity
      Cost effective
      Optional Wi-Fi service FREE

      *10 off per month for 12 months. Non-promotional price only $49.95 on month 13. Pricing does not include internet gateway equipment | $5.95/month. See "important information" for complete details.

    What to know about Wi-Fi services? Learn more here.Adobe PDF file icon

    Contact a friendly Cellcom customer service representative for complete details at 715-916-3283 or

    Enterprise Data Services

    Cellcom specializes in designing solutions for Medium to Enterprise businesses who require services supporting symmetrical, redundant state-of-the-art transport. Services available up to 10 Gigabit.

    Contact our Enterprise representatives at 715-916-3283.

  • Business-Class Phone

    Successful businesses understand the importance of quality voice services. That's why you need a straightforward telecommunications partner, not a vendor. At Cellcom, we pride ourselves on educating our customers with the many choices we have to offer. Contact us at 715-916-3283 to learn more.

    Feature-Rich Business Lines w/Unlimited Long Distance – Only $29.95

    This plan covers all the basics and delivers lots of convenient calling features for businesses without the worry of extra charges. Its all-inclusive monthly price includes:

    • Unlimited Long Distance
    • Unlimited Local Calling
    • Unlimited Minutes of Extended Community Calling
    • Per Call Caller ID Block
    • Caller ID with Name
    • Call Waiting
    • Caller ID on Call Waiting
    • Three-way Calling
    • Voicemail
    • Call Forwarding
  • Business TV

    An easy and affordable way to keep your employees and customers informed, entertained and engaged.

    Pricing below applies to offices, waiting rooms and break rooms.

    Tier2HD – TV Guide channel
    – Local channels are HD
    Tier 1 – TV Guide channel
    – Local channels are HD
    Basic HD – TV Guide channel
    – Local channels are HD

    Hotels, hospitals, clinics or elderly care facilities. Channel Guide. Call 715-916-3283 for pricing.

    Bars and restaurants. Channel Guide. Call 715-916-3283 for pricing.

    Narration Guide Information and Support

    Cellom offers text-to-speech services on the IPTV channel guides to provide accessibility options for our customers who are blind or visually impaired.

    For more information or to request a Cellcom audible text-to-speech device:
    Call: 800-826-5215

    • How to Enable/Disable Narration Guide

      The audible text-to-speech is currently available only on the Amino 650 Set Top Box. This feature will read the title, channel number and network, and rating as you change the channel or as you scroll over a new selection in the guide. The functionality also speaks the numbers as they are entered into the remote both inside and outside of the guide. The feature audibly states "Exit" as you hit exit to leave the guide.

      To Enable/Disable:

      1. Press MENU button on your remote control.
      2. Select SETTINGS from the Main Menu.
      3. Enter PASSWORD (normally “0”) and hit OK button on remote.
      4. Scroll down to HARDWARE SETTINGS.
      5. Scroll down to TEXT-TO-SPEECH and hit OK on remote.
      6. Scroll up or down to ENABLE or DISABLE the feature.
      7. Press OK button on remote when you have made your selection.
      8. Scroll down to SUBMIT and press OK on the remote.
      9. You will get a message stating “Data is submitted and saved!” Press OK on your remote to close that window.
      10. Scroll down to EXIT and press OK on remote to exit Menu.
  • Important Information

    Promotions only available to new or qualified customers.

    12 Month Agreements: Each Cellcom service requires a consecutive 12 month agreement.

    Termination: Cellcom may terminate this Agreement in the event Customer has an overdue balance for two consecutive months. Customer may terminate this Agreement prior to the end of the Term by providing written notice to Cellcom accompanied by payment of the applicable early termination fee listed in this section. The early termination fee is $100 per service.

    Broadband Internet Services: All offers for internet service list the “up to” maximum speed attainable when wired connection to our internet gateway is utilized. Actual speeds will fluctuate. Subject to geographic availability. Not all internet tiers are available in all areas.

    TV Services: Cellcom reserves the right to add, remove, and redesign programming at any time. Digital TV may include outlets with offer. All existing outlets must be pre-wired and TV ready. All other equipment and services extra unless included in an offer. Business TV services contracted under this service schedule are subject to annual increases, based on programmers’ annual rate increase.

    Business Lines: Cellcom reserves the right to limit unlimited long distance calling plans to maximum of 10 lines. When purchasing Unlimited LD business lines, all lines must be Unlimited Business Line. Customers with usage inconsistent with normal commercial voice applications and usage patterns may be required to either select another long-distance plan that charges for all long-distance calls or to cancel service. Should the customer change services, contracts in place will stay in place. Should the customer choose to cancel services, company reserves the right to charge termination fees in the full amount of cancelled services remaining in term. Midsize and Enterprise businesses may not be eligible for Business Lines with Unlimited LD. Solutions such as, but not limited to: PRI, SIP Trunks, Call Centers or exceeding 10 lines may not be eligible for the unlimited business lines. Business customers may not purchase a single Unlimited LD business line for $29.95 without another product such as additional business line, Internet or TV. If the customer is in contract term and customer services drop to only one business line and no other services, customer may be charged ONT equipment charges plus the current rate of early term charges.

    Equipment: Upon disconnecting service, based upon the service(s) you have with Nsight, an equipment charge of $150 per modem and up to $500 per Set Top Box will be charged to your account. If you return the equipment within 30 days of the disconnection date, the equipment charge(s) will be credited to your account or a refund issued. If the equipment is not returned within 30 days of the disconnection date, no credit or refund will be issued.

    Installation: A one-time setup fee(s) associated with the Services shall include the following:

    • Testing of existing customer wiring to each of the terminating Customer Premises Equipment("CPE") devices ordered.
    • Installation of wiring or equipment to connect to the terminating CPE devices as defined by the Services descriptions as of the date this Agreement is signed.

    Customer is required to have Cellcom equipment in order to receive reliable delivery of Services. Cellcom, in its sole discretion, may allow customer-owned equipment to be used with the Services. Installation does not include any other services unless agreed to by both Cellcom and Customer and evidenced in writing. At a mutually agreeable date and time, Cellcom shall install the Services at the Customer’s premises. Additional services requested or required by Customer will be billed at current rates at the time of request.

    30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Guarantee is for service charges only. Installation is non-refundable.

    All levels of service may not be available in all areas. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change. Offer is non-transferrable.

    Taxes, fees and equipment are not included in pricing.

    All promotional offers require 12 month Agreement and credit qualification. At the end of promotional period(s) then-current price(s) will apply.

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