Prepaid FAQs

What payment methods are accepted for Prepaid plans?

Cash, Cellcom gift cards, credit cards or debit cards are accepted payment methods.

Where can I make a payment on my service for Prepaid plans?

Payments are accepted in person at Cellcom retail locations and agent locations during business hours. Payments also can be made over the phone by calling Customer Care (800) 236-0055, on or using the myCellcom app.

Do you check my credit?

No.  Any information taken is to fill legal requirements but no credit will be run.

How will I know what my balance is?

Balances can be checked by visiting, using the myCellcom app, stopping into a retail or agent location or calling Customer Care at 800-236-0055.

Are phone prices and the selection of phones for Prepaid Plans different than what you advertise?

It's possible that the pricing of phones available with Prepaid will differ from what is advertised in the media. The prices featured in advertising are often for customers entering into monthly Flex Agreements.

How much do I have to pay to get started?

You must make an initial minimum payment of at least $15 and possibly more depending on the plan you choose. Don't forget about adding extra funds for charges like directory assistance calls. Charges for equipment and activation fees may apply.

My replenishment date restarted, but my speeds still seem to be slow. Why?

At the beginning of each new replenishment date, power cycle/restart your device or enable then disable airplane mode to resolve the issue.

Will my data speeds be slowed with Unlimited Data?

Potentially, it depends on the plan. 

Unlimited Plus Plan - After the premium data has been reached, Cellcom may slow speeds in areas where there is network congestion until that congestion is relieved.

All other unlimited plans - When each line reaches its high-speed data allotment, data speeds will be slowed until the beginning of the next bill cycle.

To alleviate speed reductions, it’s good to use Wi-Fi whenever possible.​