Device Protection FAQs

Why do I need device protection for my wireless device?

Within the last year, 87 million Americans experienced smartphone damage.*

Most traditional insurance policies don't cover wireless devices. If they do, the deductible alone may be much more than the cost to replace or repair your device. Customers on a Flex installment plan who damage or lose their device must pay their device off in full before they can purchase a new device. Cellcom offers many options for protecting your wireless device. Talk to your Sales Consultant for more information.

*Data Source: Allstate Protection Plans 2020 Mobile Repair Study.

What is covered under Cellcom's Device Protection Program?

There are three protection plans to choose from:

Total Coverage: This plan covers loss, theft, and accidental damage from day one. It also covers mechanical and electrical failures after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

CarePlus: This plan can only be purchased when coupled with AppleCare+. In this scenario, AppleCare+ covers accidental damage plus mechanical and electrical failures for two years. CarePlus covers loss and theft from day one, plus accidental damage after AppleCare+ expires.

Limited Coverage: Covers loss, theft, and accidental damage from day one. This plan does not cover mechanical and electrical failures.

Covered equipment and accessories:

  • One wireless device. The wireless device's current unique identifier (e.g. ESN, MEID, or IMEI) must be registered and on file with Cellcom and Allstate at the moment of loss, theft or damage.
How do I enroll in Cellcom's Device Protection Program?

You are eligible to enroll in our Device Protection Program within 30 days after you purchase and activate a new or certified used device on the Cellcom network. Visit a Cellcom retail or agent location for more information and enrollment details.​

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is quick and easy. To file your claim online visit If you don't have access to a computer, or if you prefer, you can always file a claim by contacting Allstate Device Protection at 1-877-629-0419.

For the quickest service, file your claim before visiting a Cellcom store. Claims can also be filed while at a Cellcom store, but we cannot provide a replacement until the claim is approved. You have 60 days to file a claim from the date of the incident. Once your claim is approved you have another 60 days to fulfill your claim and receive the replacement device.

How do I determine the manufacturer and model of my device?

The make and model of your wireless device can be located on the box the device came in or on your original sales receipt. This information can also typically be found in the Settings > About menu of your mobile device.​

How fast will I get a replacement device?

Typically, you can pick up your replacement device at a store on the same day that your claim is approved. In some cases, a store may need to order a device from our distribution center or another store. In these cases, a free loaner device will be available for your use.​

How much will be added to my monthly bill?

Your monthly premium is based on the non-discounted retail price of your device at the time of purchase.

For the Total Coverage Device Protection Plan, the monthly premium will be $5.99, $7.99, $10.99, $11.99, or $14.99.

For the CarePlus Device Protection Plan (for AppleCare+ customers), the monthly premium will be $4.49, $5.99, $6.99, or $9.99.

For the Limited Coverage Device Protection Plan, (this does not cover electrical or mechanical failures) the monthly premium will be $3.99, $4.99, $6.99, $7.99, or $10.99.​​

What are my replacement options?

Device Protection offers a replacement device or device repair dependent upon location, make/model, and damage type. Replacements may be new or reconditioned equipment which may have minor cosmetic flaws. Visit a Cellcom retail or agent location for more information.​

What are the claim limits?

For insurance, you can make two (2) claims in a twelve-month period with a per claim limit of $2,000. For service contract, you can make two (2) claims in a twelve-month period with a per claim limit of $2,000.

For Total Coverage customers, if you reach the limit of liability of either your insurance coverage or your service contract, we will cancel both policies and your Total Coverage plan will be completed.

For CarePlus customers, if you reach the limit of liability of your insurance coverage, we will cancel your insurance coverage.​

What if I do not have the ESN, MEID, or IMEI for my device?

Cellcom will provide authorized users with the last four digits of their ESN/MEID over the phone. If necessary, Cellcom can provide authorized users with the full ESN/MEID/IMEI if they come into a store. The ESN/MEID/IMEI can also be found on the box that your device came in.​

What is the deductible?

You must pay a one-time deductible (plus applicable tax) when your claim is approved and a replacement is authorized. Your deductible will be based on the make and model of the equipment for which you make a claim. Please contact a sales or customer care representative to confirm your exact deductible.​

Where can I find more information on Cellcom's Device Protection program?

We work with Allstate Protection Plans to provide our Device Protection Program. Visit our program overview page for more information​.