Flex FAQs

What Is Flex?

Cellcom's device/accessory payment plan is called Flex.  Flex takes the total sales price of the device/accessory and splits it across monthly installments, to pay for the device over time versus paying for it all at the time of purchase.  For devices and watches, customers can choose either a 36-month or 24-month payment plan.  Most accessory payment plans are 12 months.  The monthly payments for devices and/or accessories are added to your monthly bill.​

Participation in Flex requires 0% APR 36, 24, or 12 month installment agreement, well qualified credit and eligible service plan. Credit check required. Down payment may be required.

What devices can be purchased on Flex?

​​Smartphones, basic phones, tablets, mobile broadband, connected devices (such as LTE cameras), smartwatches, and home phone replacement devices can be purchased on Flex. Cellcom allows customers to Flex new and most used devices (some used devices may not be eligible).

When can I upgrade with Flex 36 or Flex 24?

After 3 months, and if your account is in good standing, you can take advantage of the early upgrade option:

  • Flex 36 – Pay 83% of the total sale price of the device, turn in the original device purchased on Flex in good working condition, and enter into a new Flex agreement.
  • Flex 24 – Pay 50% of the total sale price of the device, turn in the original device purchased on Flex in good working condition, and enter into a new Flex agreement.

Only smartphone and basic phones are able to upgrade early. All other devices must pay off the Flex balance in order to upgrade.

Can I pay more than the monthly installment or pay the device off at any time?

You may pay down the total amount due on your device at any time. This does not reduce your next monthly billed installment, but may reduce the number of payments. You may also pay off the device at any time. This may only be done if there is no past due balance or you notify Cellcom in writing at the time of each payment.

How many devices can I have on Flex on my account?

​Based on the credit decision, consumer accounts can have no more than 10 active Flex device agreements and business accounts can have no more than 50 active Flex agreements.

If I upgrade early, the device needs to be in good working condition. What is good working condition?

Good working condition may include, but is not limited to:

  • Device powers on and off
  • Screen is free of cracks and functions correctly
  • Device and connecting ports are free of visible corrosion and water damage
  • Device and charging port are free of cracks, dents, and not missing any pieces
  • Activation/device locks (such as Find my iPhone) is disabled

If the original device cannot be returned, you will need to pay remaining balance due in order to purchase a new smartphone or basic phone.

What do I have to pay when I purchase a device on a Flex agreement?

​You have to pay the device taxes and any required down payment at point of sale. If a down payment is not required, you can choose to make a down payment at point of sale to reduce the monthly installments.

What happens if I cancel Cellcom wireless service?

If you cancel or deactivate Cellcom wireless service, after 15 days but prior to the device being paid in full, the remaining balance of the device will become due. This will appear on your next bill.

What happens if my device is lost, stolen or damaged?

You will be responsible for continuing the monthly Flex installments or paying for the device in full if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Cellcom recommends subscribing to Device Protection to cover you if these situations arise.

Will my Flex installments be billed a month in advance, just like my monthly service?

​Flex installments are not billed in advance. Your first installment will appear on your next Cellcom bill.