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Automatic Bill Payment

Cellcom now offers you a better way to manage your wireless account. MobilePay gives you an easy and secure way to pay your wireless bill with a direct withdrawal from your checking, savings, or credit card. Secure Free Easy Convenient Time Saving

How do I sign up for MobilePay?

To get started, simply speak with your Sales Representative or contact a Cellcom Customer Service Representative by calling 1-800-236-0055 or 611. (This is a free call from your wireless phone.) Please have your account information available.
What happens when my information changes?

  • Contact Information: Previously when mailing payments to Cellcom, this information could be noted on the remittance slip. With MobilePay, it is no longer necessary to send a remittance slip. To notify Cellcom of a change, please contact a Cellcom Customer Service Representative by calling 1-800-236-0055 or 611. (This is a free call from your wireless phone.)
  • Financial institution information: Please notify Cellcom if your financial institution information changed such as, routing number or account number changes.
  • Credit card information: Please notify Cellcom if there are changes with your credit card information such as the card number or expiration date.

Is my information secure?

Cellcom secures all financial institution and credit card information provided for MobilePay. Your information is secure and strictly confidential.

What credit cards can be used?

Cellcom accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

When will the payment be made?

MobilePay will process the payment 22 days after the bill date.

When will my first MobilePay be processed?

If you sign up before your current bill date, your first MobilePay will process 22 days after your bill date. If you signed up after your current bill date, you will need to make a payment for the current amount due. MobilePay will then process your next bill.

How will I know the payment has been received?

MobilePay will be reflected on your next Cellcom invoice as well as on your financial institution or credit card statement. Cellcom will be identified as the merchant.

If I opt into MobilePay and the bill has been paid, do I still have an opportunity to question charges on my invoice?

Yes, if you have any questions about your statement or if you need more information about a charge on your account, we review your inquiry and correct any error promptly. Full payment is required while items are being reviewed.

How do I cancel MobilePay?

MobilePay can be canceled at anytime by a Cellcom Customer Service Representative.

Will MobilePay expire?

MobilePay does not expire. However, MobilePay is only valid with current financial institution or credit card information. Please report any changes, including new credit card expiration dates to a Cellcom Customer Service Representative by calling 1-800-236-0055 or 611. (This is a free call from your wireless phone.)

Is there a charge for MobilePay?

With the exception of returned bank items, Cellcom does not charge a fee for the MobilePay service. However, your credit card company, bank or other financial institution may charge fees for completion of MobilePay transactions; and you remain solely responsible for the payment of all such fees. In the event any of your payments are rejected, you could be charged an additional fee and will remain liable for the unpaid invoice. An additional fee could be charged if the payment is rejected up to three times for one transaction. In the event you are suspended for non-payment, you could also be charged a reactivation fee.

Important Information

MobilePay is a service offered by cellcom for customers wishing to establish an automatic bill paying process for Cellcom invoices. In no event shall Cellcom be liable for any damages caused by failed or untimely transfers from your credit card company, bank, or other financial institution; nor shall Cellcom be liable in the event your credit card company, bank, or other financial institution misdirects payment to any person or entity other than Cellcom. In the event of any of the foregoing, you remain liable for all unpaid invoices and any interest or late charges that may apply.

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