Flex gives you the flexibility to save on your wireless service while getting a new device every year. Simply pay 24 low monthly installments. After 12 months and 60% of the device is paid off, trade in your device and upgrade to the latest wireless technology.*

Low Monthly Payments

Low Monthly Payments

Upgrade Faster

Upgrade Every Year

No Down Payment

No Finance Charge

*Tablets, Mobile Broadband and Connected devices are excluded from discounts and upgrades.

Visit device pages for individual Flex pricing.

How It Works

2 Smartphones on
Share Plus Plan


(2 x $40)




2 Smartphones on
Share Plus Plan with Flex


(2 x $20)1



Save $40

1Flex line access does not include monthly device installments. Price varies by device. See device page for details.


To participate in Flex, you must:

Existing customers with a two-year service agreement must meet Cellcom's standard eligibility requirements to upgrade on the Flex program.

Initial Charges

You have to pay taxes, any down payment required, and a line set up fee on new lines only up front at point of sale. If a down payment is not required, you can choose to make a down payment at point of sale to reduce the monthly installments. There are no upgrade fees.

Monthly Payments

Simply pay 24 low monthly installments. This is the retail cost of your device divided into 24 affordable payments.

Your monthly payment will be located on the equipment section of the bill. It will list your agreement and payment number. For example: #10021-Pymt 3/24. In addition, in the footnote of the equipment section, it will show you the balance remaining after the current installment.

You may pay down the total amount due on your device at any time. This does not reduce your next monthly billed installment and may only be done if there is:

Canceling Service

If you cancel and deactivate your wireless service, after 15 days but prior to the device being paid in full, the remaining balance on the device will become due. This will appear on your next wireless bill.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Devices

You will be responsible for continuing the monthly Flex installments or paying for the device in full if it is lost, stolen or damaged.


With Flex, you are eligible to upgrade after 12 months and once 60% of your current device is paid off if:

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