Upcoming Technology Change

2G/3G Shutdown

Upcoming Technology Change

Cellcom is making technology changes and we are here to make this easy and help you stay connected. If you need any assistance, we are here to help.

The wireless industry is retiring 2G and 3G networks to focus resources on the latest technology and Cellcom will soon shut down its 2G and 3G networks. You may have heard this referred to as the CDMA sunset. Some devices will no longer work when these networks are turned off. Cellcom is contacting customers who are impacted by this network change to help you stay connected.

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What does this mean for me?

There are several ways you could be impacted by this change. If your device is not compatible with 4G (LTE) or VoLTE (Advanced Calling), it will no longer work after the 2G and 3G networks are shutdown. Cellcom will contact you if you need a new device and assist you with options to stay connected. Customers will need to make sure to have VoLTE (Advanced Calling) turned on so you can make a call after 2G networks are shut down.

When is Cellcom shutting down its 2G and 3G networks?

Cellcom retired its 3G network in 2023 and will shutdown its 2G network in phases starting in December.

Why are 2G and 3G networks being shut down?

In order to meet the demands for how consumers use wireless, the industry is investing and reallocating resources to 4G and 5G networks. To do so, support for legacy networks is being discontinued and the networks are being turned off. We're excited to offer you an improved wireless experience!

Do I need to get a new device? What devices are impacted?

Cellcom will be contacting customers who need a new device, which includes phones that are not compatible with VoLTE and some models of our home phone replacement unit. If you are unsure if you have one of the devices needing replacement, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer care team.

Can I stay on a basic phone?

Yes, if you want to stay with a basic phone, you can upgrade your current device to the comparable Orbic Journey R or TCL Flip 2 available at Cellcom. They are flip phone style devices that supports the new technology and do not require a data plan.

Will I be able to dial 911 on old phones?

No. The 2G network previously supported the dialing of 911 on old phones that did not have a plan connected to them. When these networks are retired, these devices will no longer have the functionality to dial 911.

What happens if I do not upgrade my device?

If your device is not compatible with 4G, you will not be able to use it once the 2G and 3G networks are shut down. To avoid loss of service, including being able to call 911, you need a device that is compatible with new technology.

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