Important Details

A line set up fee and early termination fee may apply. If applicable, the early termination fees may be reduced proportionately to the remaining months of the term of the agreement. Universal Service Fund (USF) and regulatory and other recovery fees charged on all service lines. An E911 fee or Police & Fire Protection Fee is charged on all service lines. Taxes, fees and surcharges vary and are subject to change without notice. See retail location or for details. Promotion offers subject to change. 15 Day Guarantee: If within 15 days you are not completely satisfied with Cellcom’s wireless service, pay for the services you have used and return the equipment in acceptable condition. Other restrictions apply. See store for details. Trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

$50 Down, Get $50 Free
Receive a $50 account credit when you put at least $50 down on a new Flex Agreement from 1/5/17 to 2/1/17.

  • Available to customers with a new Flex Agreement and a minimum of $50 down payment.
    • Device must be new; used devices are not eligible.
      • Available to all device types.
    • Offer available to business and consumer accounts.
      • Negotiated business accounts not eligible.
      • Advance Pay accounts not eligible.
  • Promotional offer applied as a one-time account credit for $50 in addition to any credit-based down payment requirement.
    • Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing and application.
    • If the device is deactivated prior to the promotional application, the offer is void.
  • The account must remain current and active to receive the promotion.
  • No rainchecks.
  • Not redeemable for cash.

Save on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and LG V20
Receive a $150 discount on the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge or the LG V20 with a Flex Agreement or $50 off on a 2yr Service Agreement from 1/5/17 – 2/1/17 or while supplies last.

  • Activation of a new line or qualified upgrade with a qualified device purchase, smartphone data subscription and a Flex or 2yr Service Agreement required.
    • Early termination fee may apply for non-qualified upgrades.
    • If applicable, the early termination fees may be reduced proportionately to the remaining months of the term of the agreement.
  • Flex discounts will be applied immediately to reduce the retail price of the device. The discount will be reflective in the Flex monthly installments.
  • Used devices not eligible.
  • The device must be activated on a business or consumer account.
    • Negotiated Business accounts are not eligible.
    • Advance Pay accounts not eligible.
  • The phone must remain active on the line of service until the agreement has been completed.
    • If the phone is damaged, lost or stolen before the line is eligible to upgrade, another like device must be added to the line of service. The promotional discount may be void.
  • Market transfers, number changes and change of financials are not eligible.
  • While supplies lasts. No rain checks. Not redeemable for cash.

Advance Pay: One Month Free
Advance Pay customers receive a one-time credit for one month free service when purchasing a new device and signing up for Cellcom’s Recurring Payments between 1/5/17 and 2/1/17.

  • Advance Pay accounts only. Postpaid services not eligible.
  • Purchase and activation of a new device during the promotional period is required and must remain active on the line of service throughout the first month. If the device is returned at any point, the customer is not eligible to participate.
    • Used devices are not eligible.
    • Customers who bring their own device or use a previously activated device are not eligible.
  • At sale, customer must purchase the new device and the entire price of their rate plan. A credit will be applied towards the second month of service.
  • Customers must subscribe to an active Advance Pay Rate Plan.
  • Customer does not need to be a new subscriber to Recurring Payments. If a customer previously had Recurring Payments and purchase/activated a new device, he/she would be eligible to participate.
    • Recurring Payments must remain active through first month of service in order to receive the credit.
  • Not redeemable for cash.
  • If the phone is damage, lost or stolen within the first month of service, another new device must be purchased and added in order for the customer to be eligible for the credit.

Get up to $500 for Contract Buyout
New lines receive up to $500 per line for a contract buyout with a latest smartphone trade-in.

$200 Trade-in Guarantee on Smartphone with Contract Buyout

  • Available only to customers participating in the contract buyout promotion.
  • Port in a new smartphone Flex line on a consumer or business account during the promotional period.
    • Market transfers, number changes and change of financials are not eligible.
    • Advance Pay, negotiated business accounts, residential broadband, basic, tablets, and mobile broadband are not eligible.
  • Purchase of a new smartphone with a Flex agreement required.
  • All terms and conditions of Cellcom's BuyBack program must be met, as noted on the program receipt and agreement.
  • Trade-in device must be latest smartphone in good working condition. Good working condition is defined as:
    • Must turn on and off
    • Screen is free of cracks and functions correctly
    • Free of visible corrosion and water damage
    • Free of cracks, dents and not missing any pieces or chunks
  • Cellcom will apply a trade in credit for the smartphone device, in good working condition, that has a BuyBack value of less than $200. The trade-in credit is the difference between $200 and the BuyBack value. The BuyBack credit and may be applied separately. Trade In credit will be applied as a credit within 3 billing cycles.
  • Not redeemable for cash.
  • Account must remain current and active in order to receive the minimum $200 trade-in credit.

$300 Contract Buyout

  • Activation at time of service, Flex or 2yr service agreement, and credit approval required.
    • Must activate between 1/5/17 and 2/1/17.
  • Available to new Cellcom lines without any existing Cellcom services.
  • Negotiated Business accounts and accounts requiring a credit deposit are not eligible.
    • This offer is for end-users only; dealers or carriers are ineligible.
  • Must port in number to Cellcom.
    • Lines must have been deactivated greater than 60 days to be eligible.
  • The phone must remain active on the line of service for 15 months.
  • The name and address on the Cellcom account must match the name and address on the competitor's bill.
  • To qualify for up to $500, customer must trade in their latest smartphone device. Activations without a device trade-in are eligible to receive up to $300.
  • To receive reimbursement:
    • Complete, sign and date the Contract Buy Out reimbursement request form. Incomplete forms or documentation will not be processed.
    • Include a copy of the Cellcom store receipt with store name circled.
    • Provide a copy of the entire final competitor wireless bill with early termination fee charges circled for each line. (Printouts of online accounts, store receipts or credit card receipts will not be accepted as proof of early termination fee payment.)
    • Cellcom has the right to request a copy of your original service agreement.
    • All reimbursement forms must be postmarked or emailed to within 45 days from the activation date.
  • Up to $500 will be applied as a credit to the new line of service, valid on up to 5 consumer lines or 10 business lines. Credit is non-transferable.
    • Please note that taxes and other fees charged on termination fees are excluded and will not be reimbursed.
  • If the customer cancels a ported line, the ETF credit issued to that line will be charged back to their account.
  • Account must be in good standing without outstanding past-due balances in order to receive credits.
  • Not redeemable for cash.
  • All materials received become the property of Cellcom and cannot be returned.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks after receipt of reimbursement form for application of credit(s) on your Cellcom bill(s).

Phone Deals
Offer valid 1/5/2017 until 2/1/2017 or while supplies last. No rain checks. Activation at time of service, Flex or 2yr agreement, credit approval and line activation or qualified upgrade required. Prices do not include taxes, fees or other charges. $0 Down: Tax due at point of sale. If you cancel your wireless service after 15 days but before your Flex agreement is completed, you agree to pay the full balance remaining on your device. For complete details, visit