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Frequently Asked Questions

Account & Billing

  • Cellcom bills for monthly access and features one month in advance. Therefore, if this is your first bill, you are billed from the date you started your service to the end of the billing cycle (partial-month, also known as proration), plus you are billed for the next month in advance.

    Changes for a partial-month (proration) also occur when you change your rate plan/features. Because we billed in advance for the period when the change occurred, we must credit back what we charged for the old rate plan/feature, and then bill you the correct charge. In addition, you are billed the new rate plan/feature one month in advance.

    This may also occur if you were temporarily suspended for nonpayment.

  • Cellcom does not charge a fee, or extend your contract, if you change your rate plan or features. However, if you have a monthly promotional credit or offer for your line of service, and you change to a rate plan of less value, you may lose your promotional credit or offer. Be sure to ask about any current promotions on your line of service. Please note that because we bill a month ahead for service, should you change your rate plan, you will notice a proration on your next invoice.

  • There are a number of different carrier surcharges, taxes and fees that may appear on your invoice. This includes the Regulatory and Other Recovery Fee, Federal Universal Service Fund, Wisconsin State Universal Service Fund, and Police and Fire Protection Fee. Fore more information, please go to

  • Only the "financially responsible parties" and "authorized per contract" individuals will be able to receive any account information and/or make changes to your Cellcom account.

  • Authorized users have access to make any changes. The only thing that they can not do is change the main account password and secret question or add any other authorized users.

  • There are many reasons your bill could change from month to month. Did you make any changes to your service during the billing cycle? If changes were made your bill could be higher due to proration since Cellcom bills for services a month in advance.

    Overages during the month for data, minutes, roaming, or texting could increase your bill. Changing features to account for these overages will also reflect as an increase on the bill.

    Another item to review on your invoice is the equipment section to review any charges for accessories or handsets.

    Did you add new lines of service (line set up fees) or make other changes to your plan that may result in lost promotions?

  • ALL payments (account payments, equipment, etc.) and MOST credits will apply to the oldest balance on your account first.

    For example, if you have a past due balance and purchase new equipment that was billed to the account, the payment will go toward the past due service balance first and then the equipment purchase.

  • Your final invoice will show a credit for the monthly access and features from the date of cancellation until the end of the billing cycle. In the instances that a line of service was receiving a monthly discount for service that discount will be debited back from the date of services being cancelled until the end of the billing cycle.

  • The cycle end date is located at the top, right hand corner of each bill or your myCellcom account. This can vary from account to account. Your account will refresh the day after your end date.

  • If you are receiving promotional or month-to-month discount(s), they may be void upon changing your rate plan or entering into a new agreement. Also, if you had been receiving a discount for being out of contract and recently upgraded or signed a new agreement, you will no longer be eligible for month-to-month discounts.

  • Reconnect Fees are charged to accounts that become delinquent in their payments. These charges are applied to the overall account, not a single line of service.

  • This charge is the monthly installment payment of your device/accessory. For more information, please go to

  • Keep Your Data is an included feature on the Advantage Plan (shared data packages only) and Share Plus Plan that automatically keeps unused share plan data in your account until the end of the following month's billing cycle. When you use less data one month, you can use more data the following month without paying more. For example, if you are on the Advantage Plan with 10GB of data and only use 8GB in the current bill cycle, you will have an additional 2GB of shared data to use in the next bill cycle for a total of 12GB of data to be used.Äč You will begin using Keep Your Data after you have used all your monthly data allowances.Äč Keep Your Data will be forfeited after one billing cycle, when you change your plan (including changing the shared data plan amount), and change in primary line on the account.

  • Usage Controls provides 2 services to share plan customers:

    • Block data, text or voice service on a line – available to all share plan customers free of charge.
    • Allocate data usage limits at a line level – paid feature. When the line meets/exceeds the allocated data usage limit, customers can choose to have data shut off or be notified and have data usage continue.
      • Due to when Cellcom receives usage records, this tool will NOT PREVENT OVERAGES, but will help prevent excessive overages.
    • If customers choose to set usage limits when a line reaches the specified data usage limit, Cellcom will turn off data as soon as it meets/exceeds the limit set, but based on when we receive usage records, this could take up to 24 hours.
    • If you want to be able to set usage limits on a line, you can contact Customer Care or stop into a Cellcom store to get the feature added.

  • To be able to set usage limits:

    • On consumer Lifestyle Unlimited and Unlimited Plans, pricing is $0.99 per line per month. On consumer Advantage or Share Plans, pricing is $0.99 per line per month or $2.79 per account per month.
    • On business Share or Unlimited Plans, pricing is $0.99 per line per month.

    The ability to block data, text messages or talk is an included feature free of charge on Unlimited Plans, all share plans, the Advantage Plan and Business Unlimited Plan.

  • Usage Controls are available on the below listed plans:

    • Lifestyle Unlimited Plan
    • Unlimited Plan
    • Advantage Plan
    • Share Plus Plan
    • Share Unlimited Plan
    • Share 1200 Plan
    • Business Share Plus Plan
    • Business Unlimited Plan
    • Business Share Plan

  • Usage Controls can be found within myCellcom on the Cellcom website and app.

  • To unsubscribe from Usage Controls you can call Customer Care or stop in at a Cellcom store to have the feature removed. You will still have the ability to block data usage, text messaging and calls within myCellcom. You will not have the ability to set data usage limits per line.

  • There is no limit for the number of unique referral codes you send out through the myReferrals page. However, you may only receive a maximum of $500 of referral credits within a calendar year.

  • You will receive a text message confirming the referral credit has been applied and it will be reflected on your next billing statement or in your account balance for prepaid customers.

  • The approved credit will be applied to the account level.

  • You can sign up for autopay (only checking and savings accounts qualify for the discount) and paperless bill one of 3 ways:

    • Call Customer Care at 611 or stop into a Cellcom retail location.
    • On the myCellcom web portal, sign up for autopay and paperless bill under myBill.
    • On the myCellcom App, sign up for autopay and paperless bill under Settings.

    You need to sign up for BOTH autopay (only checking and savings accounts qualify for the discount) and paperless bill to receive the discounted unlimited rates.

    Credit and debit card payments are NOT eligible for the discount, only checking and savings accounts.

    For paperless bill, you must confirm your email address before you are considered signed up.

  • This will happen. At the beginning of each bill cycle, power cycle/restart your device or enable then disable airplane mode to resolve the issue.

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