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Frequently Asked Questions

Calling Plans

  • To find your plan, you can either review your monthly Cellcom invoice, log into or contact Customer Care at (800) 236-0055. To access your account online:

    1. Sign into
    2. Your plan will be listed under Account Details.

  • Simply call Cellcom's Customer Care center at (800) 236-0055 or visit your local Cellcom retail or authorized agent location for assistance.

  • Lifeline is a federally subsidized program that provides wireless services to qualified low-income individuals. As a Lifeline customer, you are able to receive a reduced rate on your monthly calling plan. This is not a free service. To continue to receive service, you are responsible for paying your monthly access fee in advance. Your wireless service will be terminated if you have not made a payment by the replenishment date.

  • Only one federally funded Lifeline service is available per household. Additional lines of service are not eligible to receive the Lifeline calling plan discount. Eligible wireless subscribers must be at least 18 years of age and have a physical address and reside in Cellcom's licensed markets. Applicant must participate in one of the following programs:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Medicaid
    • Veterans Pension and Survivor Program Benefit
    • Federal Housing Public Assistance
    • Income below the Federal Poverty guidelines

    To be eligible for Tribal Lifeline service, the applicant must have a physical address and reside on tribal lands within Cellcom's licensed markets. In addition, the applicant must participate on one of the programs listed above or one of the following:

    • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    • Tribal Head Start
    • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation (FDPIR)
    • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

  • Yes. An existing customer can change to a Lifeline plan if they meet the eligibility criteria, regardless of whether you are currently under contract.

  • If you meet all eligibility requirements, complete the Lifeline or Tribal Lifeline application and bring it to your local Cellcom retail location.

  • Cellcom's Advantage Plan includes nationwide talk, unlimited messaging and your choice of shareable data packages or unlimited data for up to 10 devices on an account. Additionally, the Advantage Plan includes unlimited international text messaging from the US and mobile hotspot/tethering capability on compatible devices, so you can connect and share your data with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices. Cellcom's Advantage Plan also includes Keep Your Data on shared data packages. Automatically carry over your unused shared data plan allowance for use the next month.

  • Cellcom's Advantage Plan provides:

    • Built for You – You build the plan to fit your devices and data usage needs.
    • Simplicity – Consolidating all your data plans into one plan means you don't have to keep track of multiple data plans.
    • Choose unlimited data and you have no worries about ever going over your data allottment.
    • Unlimited messaging – Send as many text and picture messages as you want.
    • Unlimited Nationwide Talk – Call anywhere in the United States.
    • Unlimited International Text Messaging – From the U.S. to over 200 countries.
    • Cellcom's Advantage Plan also includes Keep Your Data on shared data packages. Automatically carry over your unused shared data plan allowance for use the next month.

  • Smartphones, basic phones, mobile broadband devices (MiFi, USB Modems), tablets, and connected devices are eligible for the Advantage Plan. Residential Broadband Internet and Unlimited Home Phone Service are NOT eligible to be included in the Advantage Plan.

  • Cellcom's Usage Notifications will typically notify you when you approach your shared data plan's limits. You may move to a higher level of shared data before the end of your bill cycle without additional fees. Data overage charges are $20/500MB on the 500MB plan or $15/GB on 1GB+ plans. Don't want to worry about overage charges, the Advantage Plan offers an unlimited data option.

  • Some tools to help you determine your data usage are:

    1. MyCellcom – View past bills which will tell you how much data you use per month.
    2. Use the Data Calculator to help estimate how much data you will need.
    3. Use the Plan Calculator to determine monthly charges for your Advantage Plan.

  • Yes, the Advantage Plan has a data requirement, regardless of the type or number of devices on the plan.

  • There are no special impacts if you just have one individual line of service with a Share Plan. The Advantage Plan allows you to have between one to ten lines on a single account. If you want unlimited data on the Advantage Plan, there is a single line data price for unlimited data.

  • Keep Your Data is an included feature on the Advantage Plan (shared data packages only) and Share Plus Plan that automatically keeps unused share plan data in your account until the end of the following month's billing cycle. When you use less data one month, you can use more data the following month without paying more. For example, if you are on the Advantage Plan with 10GB of data and only use 8GB in the current bill cycle, you will have an additional 2GB of shared data to use in the next bill cycle for a total of 12GB of data to be used.

  • Keep Your Data is available only on the Advantage Plan (shared data packages only) and Share Plus Plan (all shared data tiers). Keep Your Data is an included feature, so there is no additional charge to you. No other plans are eligible for Keep Your Data at this time. If you want this feature, you will have to switch to the Advantage Plan.

  • Keep Your Data expires at the end of your next billing cycle. For example, if you don't use your entire shared data allowance in the January bill cycle, the unused data will be able to be used until the end of your February bill cycle.

  • The following types of unused data will make up your Keep Your Data balance:

    • Shared data plan
    • Unused data overages
    • Promotional bonus data

  • You will begin using Keep Your Data after you have used all your monthly data allowances.

  • Keep Your Data will be forfeited after one billing cycle, when you change your plan (including changing the shared data plan amount), and change in primary line on the account.

  • Your Keep Your Data balances will be available on the myCellcom website and app under the data usage information, and on your Cellcom invoice.

  • Usage Controls provides 2 services to share plan customers:

    • Block data, text or voice service on a line – available to all share plan customers free of charge.
    • Allocate data usage limits at a line level – paid feature. When the line meets/exceeds the allocated data usage limit, customers can choose to have data shut off or be notified and have data usage continue.
      • Due to when Cellcom receives usage records, this tool will NOT PREVENT OVERAGES, but will help prevent excessive overages.
      • If customers choose to set usage limits when a line reaches the specified data usage limit, Cellcom will turn off data as soon as it meets/exceeds the limit set, but based on when we receive usage records, this could take up to 24 hours.

  • To be able to set usage limits:

    • On consumer Advantage or Share Plans, pricing is $0.99 per line per month or $2.79 per account per month.
    • On business Share or Unlimited Plans, pricing is $0.99 per line per month.

    The ability to block data, text messages or talk is an included feature free of charge on all share plans, the Advantage Plan and Business Unlimited Plan.

  • All customers on the Advantage Plan or any share plan will have access block data, text or voice on a line. If you want to be able to set usage limits on a line, you can contact Customer Care or stop into a Cellcom store.

  • Usage Controls are available on the below listed plans:

    • Advantage Plan
    • Share Plus Plan
    • Share Unlimited Plan
    • Share 1200 Plan
    • Business Share Plus Plan
    • Business Unlimited Plan
    • Business Share Plan

  • Usage Controls are located on myCellcom. To get to Usage Controls within myCellcom, after logging into the account, select the Usage Control button on the Account Summary screen under Account Details.

  • To unsubscribe from Usage Controls you can call Customer Care or stop in at a Cellcom store to have the feature removed. You will still have the ability to block data usage, text messaging and calls within myCellcom. You will not have the ability to set data usage limits per line.

  • You can sign up for autopay (only checking and savings accounts qualify for the discount) and paperless bill one of 3 ways:

    • Call Customer Care at 611 or stop into a Cellcom retail location.
    • On the myCellcom web portal, sign up for autopay and paperless bill under myBill.
    • On the myCellcom App, sign up for autopay and paperless bill under Settings.

    You need to sign up for BOTH autopay (only checking and savings accounts qualify for the discount) and paperless bill to receive the discounted unlimited data rates.

    Credit and debit card payments are NOT eligible for the discount, only checking and savings accounts.

  • Yes. When basic and smartphones reach 22GB per line per month and mobile broadband, tablets and connected devices reach 10GB per line per month, data speeds will be reduced until the beginning of your next bill cycle. To alleviate speed reductions, it's good to use Wi-Fi whenever possible.

  • This will happen. At the beginning of each bill cycle, power cycle/restart your device or enable then disable airplane mode to resolve the issue.

  • Cellcom does not have any restrictions on using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot or tethering. Once the smartphone reaches 22GB per line per month, speeds will be slowed.

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